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7 Years Later...   
11:07am 17/02/2012
mood: contemplative
I forgot how to even post on here... had to look all  over.
I miss some of the cool people I had met... what feels like a lifetime ago.
I barely remember who I was back then, and my life has changed so much in 7 "short" years.
I think my last post was right before I met the girl of my dreams.
I'm still not with her.
I was at the lowest level in my job when I made my last post.
I am the manager there now.
I used to only go places with my parents back then.
I just got back from Orlando, the Caribbean, and the US Virgin Islands without any family.
I don't have both parents anymore.
I had a minor heart attack two years ago.
I currently have a lot of heart problems.
I don't want to see a doctor... I just hurt all the time.
Hmm... I need some new pix!
More pictures...   
02:00am 12/01/2005
  As always... more pictures of me... as this is all I have to offer :P

I started growing a beard...

Continued growing a beard...

Oh... look at it shine...

Came to my senses...

(best pic I could find... sorry)
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Oh yeah...   
07:15pm 23/09/2004
  As "great" as it is to have me back, I am going out to Surrey B.C. (in Canada) for the next two weeks. I'm leaving in like 9 hours, so I'll give ya'll some love when I get back!  
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No nudity or offencive pictures.... so none of my porn pix!   
10:39am 23/09/2004

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10:36am 23/09/2004
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Oh and...   
10:28am 23/09/2004
  Stacey is nice and pretty and cool!!! (except she never goes on cam for me, eventhough she's not just pretty... she's prettiful!!)  
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First time...   
10:22am 23/09/2004
  This is my first update in... what? 6 months? I dunno, it's been foreevr and three days! I'm on the radio again... though most (if not all of you) didn't know that I was on in the first place! I'll leave the web address for that up on the LJ in a few weeks so if anyone wants to listen to me make a fool out of myself they can feel free to. I still haven't had a girlfriend in all this time, so still 0 kisses. And that's in 20 years, 'cause I just turned twenty a couple weeks ago! Only 7 of those years really counted though, I didn't even like girls back before I was thirteen, they were icky!! Beyond that I am back in college, got a raise at my job, and I am looking sexier than ever (I wish)! I hope ya'll haven't forgotten all about me... nor missed me too much :P hehe, I want it to be right in the middle! So I'm gonna end this now, because THAT... as they say.... is that!!

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06:26pm 25/04/2004
  I have not been on here for quite some time... I don't know how often I'll be back. But please IM me... keep in touch, I miss ya'll! On MSN I'm LJZakky@hotmail.com if you need a name for one of the other chats let me know!  
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Toy store girl...   
02:41am 29/02/2004
  So I'm told that the girl who works at the toy store is super-nice. I used to see her where I worked all the time, and I just found out where she works about 3 or 4 weeks ago. But fromw hat I can tell she only works Sundays... okay that's probably not accurate, but it is the only say I've seen her there! The store is closing though... why do I have to find an awesome girl when she's about to disappear. I mean, when I go in it's great... we have this little flirty conversation thing going. And wow... I think she thinks I'm cute... this kind of thing hardly ever matters to me, but now I'm like fixing myself up before going into the toy store!! I had some friends find out about her for me, that's how i know she's super nice. I mean... she seemed that way, but some people just do it for work. Anyway, I need to sleep, hopefully I'll see her when I go shopping after I wake!

*gets amped*
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My first....   
12:07am 25/02/2004
  Oh... and I miss Rachael bunches and tons! She was my first LiveJournal friend ever!! She got me started on this thing, and I lost her because of all that stuff about female equality. I feel like crap every time I think about it. The worst thing is that I don't feel bad about what I said... how I said it might have been wrong... in fact, most likely it was! And I feel terrible having said it at all! But I don't feel that the stuff I said was wrong. I don't really want anyone replying to this trying to argue more about equality. As I've said all along, men and women can never be equal... no two people on the planet can be equal, this is life! Deal with it! If anyone wants to post about how I'm wrong, do it on the post where it all got started, but I don't wanna hear about it on here. This post is more of a shout-out to Rachael... and just a journal entry... like a real one, one that tells about how I feel. And how do I feel?


I wouldn't know any of the people reading this if it weren't for her! And I just wouldn't be the person I am today without having known her. She's a friend that will have a place in my heart forever. And though she said she never wanted to speak with me again, I will always considder her a friend of mine, and she will never be remembered as anything but.

I have talked to some people about this whole thing, and some have said she's not worth it if she's gonna be like that, but I know how strong her opinions are, and I should have known better than to do what I did. I brought this on myself and I regret it! But no matter what anyone says (I don't mean to be hating on you or anything if you've said this) but she IS worth it. A friend is always worth it... and a friend like her is more than worth it...
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11:51pm 24/02/2004
  I don't really know what to say... I think I talked a bit about this before, i can't remember, and I don't feel like looking back in my journal :-P But anyway, I'll do a quick summery. So this girl, she doesn't trust me because I don't want to get in her pants... so she distances herself from me... suddenly finds this new guy that she likes (she's not trying to make me jealous) and hardly spends any time with me. I go to see her after class today, I surprise her. We had a bit of fun, talked and stuff! Anyway, we went to where her mom works (I'm friends with her mom) her mom tells me that she expected her to be with another guy. Her boyfriend! So she calls him with her new cell phone, gives me her number and tells me to call her any time, then leaves to go hang out with him. I was kinda bummed though, 'cause I went through all that trouble (okay it wasn't much trouble) to visit my friend after class and she ditches me! Oh well, I did surprise her, so it's not like she knew and had a chance to change her plans... and I wouldn't expect her to anyway. I was just bummed that we didn't get to hang out I guess.

I have been sick for like a week now... it's weird because I don't get sick very often, and I hardly got sick this time... except for the hacking cough and stuffy nose... but I hardly felt sick except for a day or two. I got it the least of my family but it's lasting the longest (of course).

I'm doing well in my classes, except history, I am totally laming that up (again) I really have to start trying harder... and going to class might help too! I got to act a lot in one of my classes, and my teacher even gave me extra credit because I helped acting in so many people's plays (we acted them out so people could see how well they had written them [we're all writing plays in the class for a playwriting competition]) so I am happy about that. And i got to showcase a bit of my acting talent! hehe :-P

My radio show has been going really well... I wonder if anyone would want to hear it. If ya'll would like to might post the address to listen to it online. But I understand that it would be a bit of a hassle, so it's not like I expect a lot of people to want to do it :-P anyway, just thought I';d throw it out there that it's possible to do. Anyway, it has been going really well though, we have had a lot of funny little sketches, and we play music you won't hear most places (we like to play Lush every show)... and then a little you'll hear everywhere (we like to play Beatles every show) so it's pretty cool most days. And we're getting used to it so each week is a little bit better!

Okay, that's all for now, sorry I haven't posted in so long, love ya'll! Oh, and if you've posted any messages that I haven't replied to, and you remember what you said, please post it again, I have such a bad memory, and I'm too lazy to look through old posts most of the time!
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11:55am 11/02/2004
  A friend of mine wrote this about a comment I made the other day...


now i intended to write something else today about this article that i found in a local paper but this goes WAY beyond anything. i can't even think i'm so upset.

visit here please http://www.livejournal.com/users/pushyouaround/30554.html?thread=181594#t181594 and then ask me why the HELL did i add conservative shovinistic FUCKS to my friends list?

god damnit. i knew that people still thought this way...but no one that i was friends with. fuck this fifties housewife bullshit!

*grumble* i haven't even replyed yet to this comment. i don't even know if i will respond to such arrogant ignorance."

She then took me off her friends list. I don't know if I phrased everything I said right, but I stand by it. I am not speaking from opinion, and I in no way believe that men are superior to women. But there is no way that we are exactly the same. This is proven fact. First off, no one is exactly the same, and secondly, as I expressed in a later comment, males and females have biological differences that seperate them from being able to do the same things. There are always exceptions, but I don't have any problem with that. I was beaten in arm wrestling by a girl once. That is fine by me... but any other girl that's ask to arm wrestle me has lost. I don't know if that is the best test ever... haha :-P And on the same note, most girls could sew a circle around me. Anyway I think everyone should just try to be themselves... and be comfortable with it. Don't try to change for society, or to prove people wrong. We all need to be who we are!

I realize that I have a lot of girls in my friends list, and by posting this you might think less of me... you might hate me because of it, you might never want to speak to me again. But I care about all the people on my journal, and I want you to know what I think about this so you don't feel decived. I am also posting this because I care about the person who took me off her journal. And I don't mean offence to her, or any other women by what I've said. And she probably thinks I hide my views on this stuff... even though I've told her before... but I want to get out in the open my standpoint on this. So I'll just deal with the consequences...
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You deserve so much more than I can give!   
11:40pm 08/02/2004
  Another weekend almost completely wasted!! I have to be prodictive some time soon I think... What do I do in stead? Get people mad at me... usualyl when I do this I'm just in a bad mood or something. It tends to be like a bad apple, and ruin the bunch. Then I spend a lot of time working things out. Sometimes though, I just try to be nice, and then something goes wrong.

One of my biggest problems.... something I do that always manages to screw up things... I can't let go!
{{{This is going to be a public entry, so all you people who might happen upon my journal, watch out, I'm one of 'those people'!! haha.}}}
I get close to people, then they find someone else, or just don't wanna be close to me anymore. OOOOR I just screw things up and they think I'm a jerk. But I will go on missing them, and it's really hard for me not to. So if I've done that to you (yes you... the only 'you' who reads my journal) I am, sorry that I am not a better friend! You deserve better!!
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07:27pm 24/01/2004
  I like Sharpies... I need to draw some stuff!  
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04:08pm 23/01/2004

pushyouaround (of course, hehe)</span>


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Well now...   
11:23pm 19/01/2004
  I love being tipsy... I just have to drink fast enough! One of these days I'll get totally hammered and forget my own name... not yet though!

I bought some new pants... I like them, they're pretty nice jeans. They're $46 pants... I am such a loser when it comes to expencive clothes. I pay so much and get so little :-P haha, well they're awesome pants anyway!

I had my first radio show today! It went well after the first few minutes! It just took me a bit to get comfortable and get all the music lined up quickly. Then it just blazed through!

I don't know what to say... bye!
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TV Ad   
07:02pm 14/01/2004
  Advair: The racist asthma drug!!! That's right, "Risks may be greater in African Americans"... Why do they make racist drugs now?  
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I called...   
11:20am 12/01/2004

taken from pushyouaround

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.
4. It takes like a few minutes...

01. When I was younger I made some bad decisions. doesn't everyone?
02. I like wearing thrift store clothes. (Hate being in thrift stores for too long though)
03. my hair is more high maitenence than i would like it to be
04. I have ZERO body peircings
05. i love to read
06. I love pictures
07. i am very picky about what i listen to (in a very lame way though... I like lame stuff :-P)
08. I hate people who TypE LyKe D1s
09. I think Audry Hepburn is hot!

10. I have to quit going shopping and start saving money
11. i'm good at talking on the phone. (Almost too good... usually people just want to listen... at least SOME people :-P)
12. I am pretty disorganized
13. I have tons of aquaintences, even more friends... and not many (but still quite a few) really good friends.

14. mtv annoys the shit outta me.
15. I think Justin Timberlake not only has good music, but looks cool, and has some sweet dance moves!
16. I think waitresses that are flirty only act like that because they work for tips!
17. I want to die in a really cool way
18. I love dogs
19. I wear glasses, and yes, they're geeky!
20. I descover music bands! (rather than rubber bands!)
21. My hair does what it damn well pleases [against my will]
22. people say i'm weird
23. I loved high school (I was home schooled)

24. Mad About You is my favourite sitcom ever!
25. i wish i was vegan (sometimes)
26. i love to take pictures of stuff all the time!
27. I love to drink.. but I'm not a drunk!

28. I like eating out at places other then fast food joints... but I like some fast food!
29. I love getting snail mail I get as giddy as a school girl when I get a letter!
30. atkins is a crock of shit
31. cell phones are the first step to armageddon
32. I love reading [interesting] journals
33. I get bored easily!
34. i watch more than 3 movies a week
35. I wish religion were not as society-oriented

36. i like to watch people
37. I relish interesting people
38. coffee and brownies are amazing!
39. i get anxious around girls I like unless I'm really confortable around them!
40. I hardly ever have dreams
41. I hate living in the same town as my dad
42. i'd love to work at a museum
43. I’m a movie film junkie
44. People are more important to me than money will ever be
45. I hate feeling mediocre
46. i like to take pictures of people far more than landscapes
47. i'm pro choice (I just don't always agree with the choices)
48. I enjoy acting
49. I ahve too many best friends

50. I love to eat meat!
51. I used to never be able to sleep, now I can't stay awake to think!

52. i detest our countries false patriotism
53. i like my hair
54. I think the actor Guy Peirce is awesome!
55. I don't miss my family very much i see them every day.
56. I love cold weather when you have either a) someone to cuddle with or b) a good book and a warm blanket
57. I remember silly details
58. I enjoy quirky people
59. I like when my friend's write me letters and emails
60. I love one on one time with people
61. I'm very impatient (sometimes!)
62. i am self concious
63. Laundry? What's that?
64. I haven't gotten any... ever!
65. I associate songs with people all the time
66. I love music
67. football is my favorite sport
68. I don't have a girlfriend [or boyfriend (and I don't want one of those)]
69. I hate procrastinating, but I do it too much (and I'll do it even more... only.... later, I don't feel like it right now)
70. I’m a perfectionist with my work
71. i like it when people read my journal and comment[doesn't everbody?]
72. The world is my playground!
73. I last cried when I realized how lonely I am
74. I went to the library once to pick up a girl... sorta (it's a silly story)
75. I am a good writer when I get going... or so I'm told!
76. i want to benifit humankind
77. I love hearing my friends be proud of their accomplishments (not in a boastful way though)
78. I wish I could treat peopl how I'd like to be treated!

79. My friends are sometimes too cool!
80. i hate being late
81. i am opinionated!

82. I heart you!

83. I can do a fairly really damn good British accent
84. i want a tattoo (sorta... I don't want to get one, but I want to have one)
85. I dislike closed minded people
86. i'm stubborn
87. I rarely get snail mail
88. i don't believe in ridiculous holidays that are exploited by the media and corporations.
89. i liked legally blonde
90. I like ninjas
91. I think being honest with someone is the greatest gift you can give them (even if they don’t think so at that moment)
92. I love my clothes!

93. i like national public radio (sometimes)
94. I aspire to write a book
95. i never want to settle
96. my bedroom is freezing (or way too hot)
97. I miss acting
98. I adore witty comebacks!

99. I want to have a job that means something
100. I daydream about possibilities of everything

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But wait... there's more!   
06:58pm 07/01/2004
  GOOD NEWS!!! Okay, gotta read the fine print buddies... you ALWAYS have to read the fine print. Yes I don't get my money... right away. That's right, I can file an appeal! I totally had circumstances beyond my control as to why I could not attend classes. Some of it was being lazy, granted! But I had a car accident finals week! I was thrown out of my house durring midterms! How could I have possibly done well? I did manage some good grades, but not many... anyway, I'll explain what happened and they'll just give it to me a month late. And I can deal with that!  
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02:00pm 07/01/2004
  Well to throw a monkey wrench into the works... I am not getting my thousands of dollars at the end of the month. Turns out that people don't liek to freely give away money when you get bad grades... I just can't let my mom know about this. I'm so dead!  
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